Skincare products I use!

28 Dec
  • Neutrogena naturals makeup removing cleanser – RRP $7.99

i use this product to cleanse my face. It’s good for sensitive skin and it also removes makeup and cleans it in one! 

  • Burt’s bees radiance day cream – RRP $35.00

I use this product in the morning once I finish washing my face before putting on any makeup or whatanot. It has SPF 15+ so I can protect my face from the sun whilst moisterising it!

  • Lush dream cream  – RRP $29.95

I use this moisturiser at night because it’s stronger and thicker and doesn’t have any SPF. It’s all natural and has good benefits for my skin. Even though this is pricey, it does have good benefits and the pot is big + a little goes a long way.

  • Bath and Body Works Body lotion (in Coconut lime breeze & Paris Amour) – RRP $12.50

I really have been enjoying this product. I have been using it for a few months and it has improved my skin, I have bad exema and most of it has disappeared and the lotion also gives an amazing scent.

  • Baby lips Dr rescue Chapstick (in coral crave) – RRP $2.99

this isnt the best smelling Chapstick but it does repair my lips and also gives off a nice tint! its affordable and really good to bring in my purse or backpack cause it’s small and doesn’t require my hands on it so it is less bacterial 🙂

these are all the main products I use on my face! Hope you enjoyed.

– littleroars x


Holiday series – tree decorating

24 Nov

Even though Christmas is a little while away, it’s approaching fast. Here are some tips for decorating your tree and house for Christmas time!


A clean house makes it easier to decorate with. Vacum, dust and mop and just put away a few things.


If you haven’t already, take down all your Halloween decorations. The two celebrations could collide and mess up the Christmas ones.


Who wouldn’t have a tree at Christmas time. I usually go for the artificial ones because they last longer. in my home we have a family tree and I’m going to buy a 4ft one from Kmart ($10) for my bedroom. Having a tree in the house somehow is a must. You can find some cheap artificial ones at target or Kmart if you’re not big in spending money. Little ones for the nightstand are cute (kmart $5 or typo $10)


Deck the tree out with your fave baubles. I just walked into Kmart yesterday and found some extremely inexpensive packs for as low as $2. There are so many colours and packs with different baubles.

🌟 STAR!!

You need a star to complete it. Sometimes stars can be expensive so if you don’t have enough, go for a star shaped bauble. there are some cute stars in different shapes like owls!! They’re usually labeled with tree toppers.


there are so many for all different people. Put it on your tree or around your house. I put it on my windows and tree.


hope this helped, dont forget to like this and tell all your friends! 💕🌸🎀😘

Winter essentials

1 Jul

In Australia winter has come and the temperature is dropping, heaters begin to turn on and it’s freezing outside.
Hi everyone! I’m going to tell you about some products I recommend for wintertime. (Teen/tween girl)

❄ Baby lips lip balm

Maybelline New York have a range of lipbalms called “baby lips” there are many types ranging from clear flavoured ones to tinted lipstick-like lip balms.
I’m collecting them at the moment and I have Mango pie, antioxidant berry, menthol and berry pink glow. The price for these are around $3.50 to $4.00 depending on where you buy it.

❄ Bedsocks or slippers

There are a WIDE range of slippers and bedsocks from retail shops such as target, Kmart and big W. They are comfy and soft and amazingly warm. I’m more of a fan of bedsocks compared to slippers but they’re both good for winter. Slippers can range from the prices $5.00 – $20.00 depending on what type you buy and where you buy them. As for bedsocks they are ranging from pieces as low as $2.00 – 10.00.

❄ moisturiser

Moisturisers are an all year rounder essential but you skin can get dry in winter if you’re going to be layering and staying near heaters. Also during winter you fall sick easily and your skin becomes really dry whilst being sick so you MUST have a moisturiser of some sort. I have to literally wear moisturiser every day because I have dry skin! Moisturisers come in different price ranges depending on the size and brand.

❄ pocket tissues

I don’t know if you call them pocket tissues or travel tissues but they are the same thing. During this time of year colds come around and tissues are a must have. During teens/Tweens busy lifestyles we don’t have time to bring a box of tissues so what I do is keep some in my bag and If I have planned to go somewhere, the night before I make sure to put some tissues in the bag I’m bringing. These pocket tissues come in multipacks and the can OBVIOUSLY fit in your pocket.

Lyric art obsession!

9 Jun

Okay so I’m literally OBSESSED with this thing called lyric art. So what is lyric art? Well it’s simply lyric drawings and they’re pretty easy but take awhile to look good Meehan I was surfing my instagram I found many amazing accounts that do some epic drawings such as @sineads_drawings @mias_drawings @drawingsbymacix @nadiahs_drawings @unas_drawings @samonstage_lyrics @mimisdrawings and more! 🙂
If you don’t know what lyric art is but want to know what it looks like I’m going to show you a few pictures from instagram!


(I really don’t care by Demi lovato @mias_drawings)


(I knew you were trouble by Taylor swift @nadiahs_drawings)


(UNI by ed sheeran @sineads_drawings)


(Pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson @unas_drawings)


(How ya doin by little mix @samonstage_lyrics)


DIY Project – Galaxy Shoes

2 Apr

Hi! There’s been a galaxy shoe trend going around you tube and I saw a few videos and managed to memorise how to make them so I put them into my own words so you can learn how to make it!

What Galaxy shoes look like. (source –

How To Make Galaxy Shoes

What You’ll need:

  • Plum or Dark purple acrylic paint
  • Navy Blue acrylic paint
  • Light pink acrylic paint
  • Mid blue acrylic paint
  • Light blue acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Silver glitter paint
  • 3 triangle 3D sponges
  •  2 rectangle sponges
  • Black canvas shoes (You can buy cheap ones at Kmart or Target)
  • Sticky Tape
  • Papertowels
  • 2 plates
  • clean nailpolish brush or any tiny brush

How To Make:

1) Get your shoes and and put a small squeeze of paint onto your plate. Put all the Blues onto one plate and the pinks and purples on the other. Keep the glitter in it’s pot. Take out the laces of your shoe.

2) On the shoe at the bottom there is a white part which is connected to the sole. Tape the whole of that part so paint doesn’t get onto it. this will make it easier when you clean it up, it also makes it easier to paint without worrying about getting paint onto the small area.

3) With the dark blue paint and your triangle sponge, wipe off some of your paint onto a papertowel so it doesn’t look to bright and strong. Dab it onto a small section of the shoe do the same thng with the medium blue. Make the two colours blend with each other. Repeat the step but with the purples and the light blue until the whole shoe is covered.

4) With the pink you only sponge a little bit in one of the lighter spots to blend it in then with the thin brush draw a little star on top of that with the white. You can do a few small ones around it. To finish off splatter some of the glitter onto the shoe.

5) Wait for it to dry then once it’s dry take off the tape and put the shoelaces back in the you are done! 🙂

Nailify This – Autumn Ombre

2 Mar


Okay, so I’ve started this approximetly weekly nail challenge thing called Nailify This. Autumn or Fall – whatever you call it, has just started in Australia a day ago so the theme is Autumn Ombre! So what do I mean? I mean warm colours in the Ombre style.

Example of what this is about

Example of what this is about (Image source – Google)

If you don’t know what Ombre is look above. This look can be achieved with any colour but I’m using oranges and reds.

You will need:

  • Base coat
  • top coat
  • red, pink and orange nail polish
  • blush makeup pad
  • White nail polish

How To do this:

1) Paint your nails in your base coat colour then paint them all white.

2) Once they are dry grab your makeup sponge and paint a small area in the colour red and sponge a small bit of it on the bottom of your nail (just a little bit) Continue doing this from Darkest to lightest until you get to the top.

3) Wait for all that to dry then clean off the excess with nail polish remover and then [paint your nails with your top coat.

Hope You Enojoy. Please request stuff for me to try in the comments section.


Nailify This – Spotty style!

23 Feb

Hello and welcome to another issue of Nailify This! I’ve recently seen allot of spotty design nails and I’ve tried it and it’s very easy. This makes a very good weekend look and it’s very simple but effective.

Examples of the design (Image source - Google)

Examples of the design (Image source – Google)

I will be teaching you how to make this design come true.

You will need:

  • 2 or more different colours of nail polish
  • Dotting tool (This is optional)
  • Top coat
  • Base coat

How to do this:

1) Paint your nails with your base coat then use one of your colours to paint your nails.

2) Use a dotting tool to paint coloured dots on your nails, if you don’t have a dotting tool use the tip on the corner of your brush then paint coloured dots.

3) Wait for that to dry then use your top coat to give your nails a shiny touch. Wait for that to dry then Enjoy!

Wha La you have just learnt how to do spotty nails!

If you have any suggestions on what I should attempt comment below 🙂