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Rise Of the Guardians movie reveiw

31 Jan

On Saturday I went to the cinemas with my mum, my sister (littlethoughties) and two of my friends for my birthday celebration. We watched Rise Of The Guardians. It was a very good movie including adventure, excitement and mystery.

In the move there’s this boy called Jack Frost who becomes a guardian who helps keep all the kids happy and believing. He gets to meet Santa Claus, The tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Sand Man. There’s also this evil guy called Pitch who wants to be believed in so he tries to get as many kids a s possible to stop believing in the Guardians (not including Jack Frost) but there is this one kid who continues beliving with his heart and helps to get people believing again. It’s a twisted tale of believing, children and magic.

This is a good movie that I think kid over 7 will understand. There are some magical characters and some great adventure! My favorite character is The easter bunny because he’s very funny and has an unexpected personality. This is a really good movie fr everyone to enjoy! Don’t forget to comment your favorite character below.

Rise of the Guardians movie poster


Wreck it Ralph movie reveiw

30 Jan

About two weeks ago I went to see Wreck it Ralph with my family at the cinemas. It has a sad story to it but its very good. It’s a fantastic Disney movie that you should go see now!

Wreck it Ralph is about a wrecking guy called Ralph from the game Fix it Felix Jr. game jumps to win a medal so the people in his game can see him as a hero. He realizes that being a hero isn’t everything and he really is a hero in a way. He meets this girl called Venelope Von Sweetz who calls him her hero. Venelope is a glitch who isnt allowed to race in the races but Ralph does everything he can do tho help her. There is also this virus from the game heores duty which also comes into the game Sugar rush but Ralph sves the day!

I think this movie will be great for families with children there is also a game on the app store called Fix it felix Jr. and you get to be Fix it Felix, there is also a game called heroes duty and Sugar rush!

My favorite character is Venelope VonSweetz because of her cheeky personality. If you have seen the movie don’t forget to comment your favorite character! Hope you enjoy the movie.

Wreck it Ralph movie poster

Parental Guidance Movie Reveiw

29 Jan

Over the Summer Holidays I have been watching a few movies down at the cinemas. The first movie I have seen this holidays is Parental Guidance. At first I wasn’t interested and wanting to watch Life of Pi or Rise of the Guardians but I just went along with it and it was actually a good movie! It was very funny and great for kids and adults.

Parental Guidance is about 3 young children who their parents have to go on a business trip and the grandparents have to take care of them but the grandpa has just lost his job and they both have barely any clue about parenting! Everything goes wrong at the start but towards the end they really help.

I think this movie will be great for a family with children because its a comedy and the kids will find it very funny! They will also love some of the characters and how they react. My favorite character is the Panaisian guy because he’s hilarious! If you have watched the movie comment below who your favorite character is and why!

This is the movie poster!