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Skincare products I use!

28 Dec
  • Neutrogena naturals makeup removing cleanser – RRP $7.99

i use this product to cleanse my face. It’s good for sensitive skin and it also removes makeup and cleans it in one! 

  • Burt’s bees radiance day cream – RRP $35.00

I use this product in the morning once I finish washing my face before putting on any makeup or whatanot. It has SPF 15+ so I can protect my face from the sun whilst moisterising it!

  • Lush dream cream  – RRP $29.95

I use this moisturiser at night because it’s stronger and thicker and doesn’t have any SPF. It’s all natural and has good benefits for my skin. Even though this is pricey, it does have good benefits and the pot is big + a little goes a long way.

  • Bath and Body Works Body lotion (in Coconut lime breeze & Paris Amour) – RRP $12.50

I really have been enjoying this product. I have been using it for a few months and it has improved my skin, I have bad exema and most of it has disappeared and the lotion also gives an amazing scent.

  • Baby lips Dr rescue Chapstick (in coral crave) – RRP $2.99

this isnt the best smelling Chapstick but it does repair my lips and also gives off a nice tint! its affordable and really good to bring in my purse or backpack cause it’s small and doesn’t require my hands on it so it is less bacterial 🙂

these are all the main products I use on my face! Hope you enjoyed.

– littleroars x