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Massive Boxing day Sales!

30 Dec

On Boxing day Dad, my sister and I all went to Chadstone for the boxing day sales. We got there at 8:15am and it was aleready packed! It seemed that everyone was excited to get into the shops for the massive sale!

The first shop we went to was David Jones, dad looked at his stuff then we moved on. Following that was Cotton on Kids. My sister had a look but didn’t fin anything that she liked and could fit her. I had $70 to spend plus a $20 typo/rubi/cottonon/cottononkids gift card. After a quick scan we went to Myer. It was busy and crowded. We were in there because I was looking for Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume. They only had a gift pack and the bottle (50ml) is $69.00 and the 100ml bottle is $89.00. After that we went to Typo and I got a canvas with the Eiffel tower on it, that was $3.00. We hurried along to Target and I got some clothes from the girls 7-16 area. I bought Bright coral skinny jeans for $15.00 and a floral dress with lace collar for $15.00. After that we went to Rubi Shoes and I got a headband 2pk for $2.00 my sister got one too (3 patterns to choose from) she also got a cluch for $10.00. We also went to Supre but there was not a good sale. After that we went to Diva accesories and I got a robot clock necklace for $6.00 and a Bff mood ring set for $4.00(2pk)

To finish off here are the things I baught and their original and sale price (:

  • Girls 7-16 bright coral/strawberry pink super skinny jeans from Target – $15.00 was $25.00
  • Girls 7-16 floral print lace dress from Target – $15.00 was $25.00
  • Eiffel tower canvas from Typo – $3.00 was $9.99
  • Headband 2 pk from Rubi Shoes – $2.00 was $6.99
  • Robot Clock Necklace from Diva – $6.00 was $12.00
  • Frog Mood Ring BFF 2pk from Diva – $4.00 was $10.00
Some of the items I baughtbut the heart is an eiffel tower

Some of the items I baught
but the heart is an eiffel tower