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Skincare products I use!

28 Dec
  • Neutrogena naturals makeup removing cleanser – RRP $7.99

i use this product to cleanse my face. It’s good for sensitive skin and it also removes makeup and cleans it in one! 

  • Burt’s bees radiance day cream – RRP $35.00

I use this product in the morning once I finish washing my face before putting on any makeup or whatanot. It has SPF 15+ so I can protect my face from the sun whilst moisterising it!

  • Lush dream cream  – RRP $29.95

I use this moisturiser at night because it’s stronger and thicker and doesn’t have any SPF. It’s all natural and has good benefits for my skin. Even though this is pricey, it does have good benefits and the pot is big + a little goes a long way.

  • Bath and Body Works Body lotion (in Coconut lime breeze & Paris Amour) – RRP $12.50

I really have been enjoying this product. I have been using it for a few months and it has improved my skin, I have bad exema and most of it has disappeared and the lotion also gives an amazing scent.

  • Baby lips Dr rescue Chapstick (in coral crave) – RRP $2.99

this isnt the best smelling Chapstick but it does repair my lips and also gives off a nice tint! its affordable and really good to bring in my purse or backpack cause it’s small and doesn’t require my hands on it so it is less bacterial 🙂

these are all the main products I use on my face! Hope you enjoyed.

– littleroars x


Holiday series – tree decorating

24 Nov

Even though Christmas is a little while away, it’s approaching fast. Here are some tips for decorating your tree and house for Christmas time!


A clean house makes it easier to decorate with. Vacum, dust and mop and just put away a few things.


If you haven’t already, take down all your Halloween decorations. The two celebrations could collide and mess up the Christmas ones.


Who wouldn’t have a tree at Christmas time. I usually go for the artificial ones because they last longer. in my home we have a family tree and I’m going to buy a 4ft one from Kmart ($10) for my bedroom. Having a tree in the house somehow is a must. You can find some cheap artificial ones at target or Kmart if you’re not big in spending money. Little ones for the nightstand are cute (kmart $5 or typo $10)


Deck the tree out with your fave baubles. I just walked into Kmart yesterday and found some extremely inexpensive packs for as low as $2. There are so many colours and packs with different baubles.

🌟 STAR!!

You need a star to complete it. Sometimes stars can be expensive so if you don’t have enough, go for a star shaped bauble. there are some cute stars in different shapes like owls!! They’re usually labeled with tree toppers.


there are so many for all different people. Put it on your tree or around your house. I put it on my windows and tree.


hope this helped, dont forget to like this and tell all your friends! 💕🌸🎀😘

Change things for the better

26 Jun

Today when we got home my mum received a package in a big box for her to reveiw on. Before she opened it I was thinking what’s in there it must be AMAZING! When she opened the box there was a whole heap of Styrofoam, three small boxes and a little booklet thing. It got me wondering, shouldn’t  the brand pack the product in smaller packaging and just not use Styrofoam at all!? By using big boxes you chop down trees which hurts the environment and us by stopping us breathing, the less  trees the less chance of us surviving. The second thing about the trees is animals, some animals live in trees and that’s their habitat.

When making Styrofoam lots of gasses and fumes go into the air!!! In this world there are lots of litterbugs who litter things like Styrofoam and even if we throw it away it ends up in landfill and buried under the ground so there will be less space.

I know heaps of brands do that and it shocks some of us. Should we think about our actions?? Should we respect the world?? Do you agree or disagree?

Leave a comment of what you think.

The 500th Ep of the SIMPSONS!!

1 Apr

Yes, the time has come for the 500th EPISODE OF THE SIMPSONS!! On chanel  “11” they had a Simpsons extravaganza to celebrate the 500th episode of the simpsons. It included some of the past episodes and of corse, the 500th episode!

The Movie

The 500th episode of the simpsons is a good episode where the Simpsons get kicked out of Springfeild. As you might know it kind of links to the Movie, the family also becomes “The Outlanders”. Marge is missing home so she and homer escape and sneak into springfeild. The beginning takes quite awhile.

What did I think

I acctualy quite liked it, it was a bit unexpected because I don’t think I saw bart getting strangeld much. It’s appropriate for children over 7 i think

The Simpsons as " The Outlanders "