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Supre springvale clearance outlet review

17 Feb

Yesterday my dad, sister and I went to the Supre springvale clearance outlet to do some shopping, the place is a little stuffy on a hot day but it’s not too bad.

In Broadmedows there’s a bigger Clearance Outlet that I haven’t been to yet though the Springvale one is really good. At all stores the sizes range from 3XS – XXL just like the normal stores but this time it’s easier to find your size. For me, yesterday I found everything I wanted in my size which is really hard if I got to Southland or Chadstone because I’m a 3xs or xxs.

You can find stuff for winter and stuff for Summer. Every item is cheaper than normal Supre stores and there’s some items that are from last season. There’s your essentials ranging from the price of $2.50-$5.00 so you can buy quite alot. At the moment there’s a half price sale there so I managed to buy another top like the Panda one but with 3 owls, I got it for $6.00 so the %50 off was really good seeing yesterday I got it at the Southland store for $8.00 and it’s usually $12.00. I also bought a pair of patterned leggings for the price of $3.75, in the factory outlet it’s usually $7.50 and in other Supre stores it’s $20.00. There were many patterns ranging from Aztec to Flags to bright coloured patterns.

There’s many racks of clothing around the whole store. I recommend this to people who want clothing bargains. This store is located in the next busy street from the Sringvale Ikea though the address will be below πŸ˜‰

Supre Springvale Clearance Outlet Address:

Supre Springvale Clearance Outlet

9-11 Springvale Road

Sringvale 3171



Sale Shopping!

15 Feb

Today I went shopping with my mum and i bought quite alot for under $10 total (excluding gift voucher)

Supre Panda Top - $8.40

Supre Panda Top – $8.40

I had a $20 gift voucher for Supre and I was dying to spend it so I did, There was a %30 off this week only sale so I decided to buy a top with a panda on it, its a singlet top that’s a bit short so i’m going to wear it with a singlet underneath. There was other designs but most were not in my size. I got the top for $8.40 and it’s usually$12.00 so I’m really happy I caught this bargain. If you want this sale head down to ANY supre store or go on the website before Sunday!

I also bought $10 cash and my brother badly wanted to go to Target for toys, I just followed along not planning to get anything but I was wrong! I bought a cute Bird A6 notebook from the Stationery clearance section for $2.88. They also had many other designs like Asian Dolls (So-cute). My brother also ended up with something he wasn’t planning to buy which was a Star Wars book for $9.00.

We were about to go but I planned to go to Kmart for some quick things so I decided to get a top from the girls 7-16 section with a horse on it for $3.00, the brand was Miss Understood and why not catch another bargain? I went to the Women’s section and saw some more tops for $3 so I got one with the words “Wild at Heart” on it the brand was GirlXpress. They were $6.00 total.

To finish off my Sale Shopping post I bought quite allot for under $20.00 so you don’t need much for clothes. Happy Shopping πŸ™‚














New Stuff for Chinese new Year

9 Feb

I’m part Chinese so I get to celebrate Chinese new Year. I’ve aleready planned what to use my money for – put it in my bank account to save for an IPad mini. Dad says it’s good luck to have new stuff so Clothes Shopping!

The rose,diomond,pearl ring

The rose,diamond,pearl ring

If you’ve read one of my recent posts this is the rose ring I was talking about. I’m wearing this tomorrow with a denim dress. I got this from Kmart yesterday from the clearance section for jewelery at kmart. This is a cute ring to wear with anything girly, you could also wear just the rose, just the pearl or just the diamond. They sell rings similar to this at Lovisa, Diva and Equip for around $5-10 so $0.50 is really cheap. If you’re not really the kind of person who wears pink they have another one with the rose that’s black and the diamond in silver.

Denim Dress from GAP kids


At the start of the year my mum and dad bought me this denim dress from GAP kids to wear for the summer. I decided to save this for Chinese New year seeing that I’ve worn all my new clothes πŸ˜‰ I like the lace detail at the bottom of the dress and it’s also very comfterbale its not too short for older girls and not too kiddish either.

I also got a pair of Pajamas (no photo shown) that says Sweet Dreams on it. It came in a two pack so one for me and one for my sister. It’s a really cute summer pajama set which includes 1x sleeveless top, 1x short sleeve top, 2x pairs of shorts. Igot the short sleeve and the sleeveless says Believe in your dreams. There was a sale at Target where the pj’s were $16.00.

Skylanders Giants

1 Jan
Skylanders character - Chill

Skylanders character – Chill

Hi! Today I’m going to tell you about the new Skylanders game Skylanders Giants. Skylanders giants is the second game to Skylanders. There are many challenging levels to complete. Sklyanders is a video game that can be on Wii, PS3, Xbox and 3DS. In skylanders the toys come to life t fight the bad guys. There are many friends that you meet along the way and also many death traps. The Giants are ancient myths thatΒ  are big and really good at fighting the evil guys at the Skylands. Some of the new characters are Hot Dog, Pop fizz, Cynder, Jet Vac and tree rex. In the game the characters all have a special element where they belong to a certain group for example Fire, Water, Magic, Tech, Air, Undead, Earth and Life.

The story of the Skylands:

A long time ago there was a group of tall and strong skylanders called the Giants. They’d battle against all things dark and evil. Years later the Giants faded away during time and then came a new group of small but powerful heros called the Skylanders who now battle against all those dark ones. Once again the Giants have come back and work with the Skylanders to all become even more powerful to get rid of all things evil!

Skylanders Details:

At the moment you can buy Skylanders from retail shops such as Big W, Kmart, and Target. You can also buy it from EB games and other video game/ technology shops. The Skylanders starter pack costs as little as around $70.00 -$80.00 and it includes The game, Portal of power and three characters including one Giant. You will need the Portal of power and a character to play the game.

My next post will be a competition for Skylanders Giants.

Massive Boxing day Sales!

30 Dec

On Boxing day Dad, my sister and I all went to Chadstone for the boxing day sales. We got there at 8:15am and it was aleready packed! It seemed that everyone was excited to get into the shops for the massive sale!

The first shop we went to was David Jones, dad looked at his stuff then we moved on. Following that was Cotton on Kids. My sister had a look but didn’t fin anything that she liked and could fit her. I had $70 to spend plus a $20 typo/rubi/cottonon/cottononkids gift card. After a quick scan we went to Myer. It was busy and crowded. We were in there because I was looking for Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume. They only had a gift pack and the bottle (50ml) is $69.00 and the 100ml bottle is $89.00. After that we went to Typo and I got a canvas with the Eiffel tower on it, that was $3.00. We hurried along to Target and I got some clothes from the girls 7-16 area. I bought Bright coral skinny jeans for $15.00 and a floral dress with lace collar for $15.00. After that we went to Rubi Shoes and I got a headband 2pk for $2.00 my sister got one too (3 patterns to choose from) she also got a cluch for $10.00. We also went to Supre but there was not a good sale. After that we went to Diva accesories and I got a robot clock necklace for $6.00 and a Bff mood ring set for $4.00(2pk)

To finish off here are the things I baught and their original and sale price (:

  • Girls 7-16 bright coral/strawberry pink super skinny jeans from Target – $15.00 was $25.00
  • Girls 7-16 floral print lace dress from Target – $15.00 was $25.00
  • Eiffel tower canvas from Typo – $3.00 was $9.99
  • Headband 2 pk from Rubi Shoes – $2.00 was $6.99
  • Robot Clock Necklace from Diva – $6.00 was $12.00
  • Frog Mood Ring BFF 2pk from Diva – $4.00 was $10.00
Some of the items I baughtbut the heart is an eiffel tower

Some of the items I baught
but the heart is an eiffel tower