Sale Shopping!

15 Feb

Today I went shopping with my mum and i bought quite alot for under $10 total (excluding gift voucher)

Supre Panda Top - $8.40

Supre Panda Top – $8.40

I had a $20 gift voucher for Supre and I was dying to spend it so I did, There was a %30 off this week only sale so I decided to buy a top with a panda on it, its a singlet top that’s a bit short so i’m going to wear it with a singlet underneath. There was other designs but most were not in my size. I got the top for $8.40 and it’s usually$12.00 so I’m really happy I caught this bargain. If you want this sale head down to ANY supre store or go on the website before Sunday!

I also bought $10 cash and my brother badly wanted to go to Target for toys, I just followed along not planning to get anything but I was wrong! I bought a cute Bird A6 notebook from the Stationery clearance section for $2.88. They also had many other designs like Asian Dolls (So-cute). My brother also ended up with something he wasn’t planning to buy which was a Star Wars book for $9.00.

We were about to go but I planned to go to Kmart for some quick things so I decided to get a top from the girls 7-16 section with a horse on it for $3.00, the brand was Miss Understood and why not catch another bargain? I went to the Women’s section and saw some more tops for $3 so I got one with the words “Wild at Heart” on it the brand was GirlXpress. They were $6.00 total.

To finish off my Sale Shopping post I bought quite allot for under $20.00 so you don’t need much for clothes. Happy Shopping 🙂















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