Parental Guidance Movie Reveiw

29 Jan

Over the Summer Holidays I have been watching a few movies down at the cinemas. The first movie I have seen this holidays is Parental Guidance. At first I wasn’t interested and wanting to watch Life of Pi or Rise of the Guardians but I just went along with it and it was actually a good movie! It was very funny and great for kids and adults.

Parental Guidance is about 3 young children who their parents have to go on a business trip and the grandparents have to take care of them but the grandpa has just lost his job and they both have barely any clue about parenting! Everything goes wrong at the start but towards the end they really help.

I think this movie will be great for a family with children because its a comedy and the kids will find it very funny! They will also love some of the characters and how they react. My favorite character is the Panaisian guy because he’s hilarious! If you have watched the movie comment below who your favorite character is and why!

This is the movie poster!



Please leave me a comment....I'd love to see what you think about it

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