Change things for the better

26 Jun

Today when we got home my mum received a package in a big box for her to reveiw on. Before she opened it I was thinking what’s in there it must be AMAZING! When she opened the box there was a whole heap of Styrofoam, three small boxes and a little booklet thing. It got me wondering, shouldn’t  the brand pack the product in smaller packaging and just not use Styrofoam at all!? By using big boxes you chop down trees which hurts the environment and us by stopping us breathing, the less  trees the less chance of us surviving. The second thing about the trees is animals, some animals live in trees and that’s their habitat.

When making Styrofoam lots of gasses and fumes go into the air!!! In this world there are lots of litterbugs who litter things like Styrofoam and even if we throw it away it ends up in landfill and buried under the ground so there will be less space.

I know heaps of brands do that and it shocks some of us. Should we think about our actions?? Should we respect the world?? Do you agree or disagree?

Leave a comment of what you think.


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