Character Profile!

25 May

This Character profile is about a girl called London from a book called Forgotten by Cat Patrick. I think this is a really good book and is suitable for teenage girls or really good 10+ readers.

The Covers for Forgotten, I have the Aussie cover

Name: London Lane

Age: Teenager

Personality: Forgetful, Interesting, nice, well behaved, Different.

Description: London is a normal teenager with a different mind. She acts like everyone else – Has a best friend break up and tries to get back to her, does her work, lives in a house and more. The thing is her body keeps in time but her mind doesn’t instead it kind of tells the future but not clearly. She also doesn’t know her memories. Her mind when she tells the future is like a memory and that’s how she loses her BFF.

If I was London: If I was London I wouldn’t mind if I could tell the future but it would be annoying that I wouldn’t be able to remember anything that I’d need to write a note every single day!

Likes: London likes her BFF, her boyfriend, and her mum.

Hates: Liars, Bullies and having no dad.


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