The 500th Ep of the SIMPSONS!!

1 Apr

Yes, the time has come for the 500th EPISODE OF THE SIMPSONS!! On chanel  “11” they had a Simpsons extravaganza to celebrate the 500th episode of the simpsons. It included some of the past episodes and of corse, the 500th episode!

The Movie

The 500th episode of the simpsons is a good episode where the Simpsons get kicked out of Springfeild. As you might know it kind of links to the Movie, the family also becomes “The Outlanders”. Marge is missing home so she and homer escape and sneak into springfeild. The beginning takes quite awhile.

What did I think

I acctualy quite liked it, it was a bit unexpected because I don’t think I saw bart getting strangeld much. It’s appropriate for children over 7 i think

The Simpsons as " The Outlanders "


Please leave me a comment....I'd love to see what you think about it

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