Super fun adventure park!!!

28 Dec

Adveture park logo

On Tuesday the 27th of December, my family and I went to Adventure park. We got a VIP Cabana.
Adventure park is at 1251 Bellarine Highway Geelong VIC 3221.There were lots of games and rides there.

Rides and attractions (water) :
River Torrent lazy rider, Tiny tots splash zone, Six lane aqua racer, Bonito’s bay water play, Gold rush rapids, Wild west canyon, Jumping jets, Aqua bikes, Canoes and Paddle boats.

When we got there my sister and I went to the Bonito’s bay water play, I first went on a pink slide. There were so many ways to get onto one of the three slides. It was so much fun. Bonito’s bay water play is a little water playground based on a pirate called Bonito.

In the river torrent lazy rider there are donuts that you could lounge on, and relax! My sister was chasing after me when I floated away from her, and I chased after her. The river torrent lazy rider is a pool that is a bit like a river. You can relax and swim in it.

The six lane aqua racer is six long slides next to each other and is good for racing your friends and family.
On the Six lane aqua racer I raced my sister and mum first. I came last. On the next two times I went with my dad and sister and I came last (again.) It was so much fun, and the rides down were very fast.

I didn’t go o the Gold rush rapids but I did go on the Wild west canyon, it was dark and fun, I was screaming every time we went side to side. We landed with a BIG splash! It was Awesome.

The paddle boats are really cool, I had to go on it twice, the first time I went with my sister, I just paddled and relaxed while I left my sister all the work. I couldn’t steer because if I did we’d bump into something.

Dry activities:
Electric cars, Go karts, Carousel, Train, Moon bikes, Archery, Mini golf, and adult jumping castle.

We only went on the adult jumping castle, train and played Mini golf!
When we played mini golf I lost my ball, we went on the Fortress falls course.

My favorite ride/ activity is the wild west canyon, I also like the aqua racer.
That day we had lunch at Adventure Park. I had a burger, chips and a raspberry flavored soft drink, and for desert I had a paddle pop ice cream.

If you would like to go, here are the prices:
Adults or children over 1.2m tall – $36.00
Children under 1.2m tall – $28.00
Children under 90cm tall – FREE
Senior citizens (60 yrs and over) – $25.00
Disabled / Carer (card ID Required) – $25.00
Summer fun pass – season pass
Unlimited entry until 28 April 2012 – $74.99

To find out more, here’s a link to the website:


4 Responses to “Super fun adventure park!!!”

  1. Amalia December 29, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    Great post. Perhaps we’ll go.

  2. Trish December 29, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    Wow what an awesome adventure park . I know my little boys and big boy would love to try this and you might get me on too. Great review too.

  3. Melissa December 29, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    I’m wishing I lived near there! My whole family would love this, especially my two little boys! I like the sound of the lazy rider, it sounds so relaxing! But I’m pretty sure my husband and my boys would LOVE the big slide!

    Maybe one day we’ll get down to Victoria and make sure we stop there. Sounds like a perfect day out for the entire family.

    Great review, by the way!

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