The miserable mill

19 Apr

title: A series of unfortunate events book 4 the Miserable mill.

Author: Lemony Snicket

Life: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire have survived a miserable life since their parents died and the dreaded Count olaf. They have been to heaps of guardians time after time hoping their lives will get better. Violet, Klaus and Sunny are thinking that it would be happier here in Lumbermill.

Story: Violet, Klaus and Sunny go to Lumbermill to get taken care of by their new guardian. They had to work in their new town and share a bunk bed.When they work they meet a man called Phil who is a kind man who works with them. There is another nice man called Charles and a very bad foreman called Foreman Flacutono. The children are forced to work here in this dreaded place,and when Klaus’s glasses break he has to go to the Optometrist, The Baudelaire orphans are scared that Count Olaf is in that building somewhere because the door looks like Count Olaf’s eye tattoo. Klaus begins to act weird and Violet thinks that he is hypnotized. She picked up some information from the stuff Klaus told her and read some books and reallised he was actually hypnotized. In the end they found out the receptionist Shirley was Count Olaf, Foreman Flacuono was one of his henchmen the bald one with the long nose.

In the end sadly Count Olaf and the Bald guy with a long nose escaped.

Star rating: I rate this book 10/10

There is a picture of the hardcover edition.


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